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April 29th, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Political   Comments Off on THE NEWSPAPER – THEN AND NOW

The first thing you would want to see in the morning, besides your cup of tea, is the newspaper. The eyes are glued to the gate waiting for the newspaper-wallah to throw the paper and off you go to pick it up. This is a matter of habit which develops by itself over the passage of time provided you have an inkling towards world news, national news sports etc.

I still remember almost four decades ago, I was studying in Std 8th and had to leave home by 7.30 am and at that time my father used to sit in the verandah and read the newspaper. I used to wonder how he manages to hold such a large sized piece of paper comprising sixteen pages. He didn’t even get tired even after holding it for more than an hour. I think I was doing post grad and then I could spare time to read the newspaper. And since then it has become a habit and I am every morning craving for its arrival. I remember a quotation from a learned person who had said that “A man is he who reads the newspaper daily, shaves daily and polishes his shoes daily“. How correctly put. (more…)

IPL – Indian ‘Phoren’ League

April 25th, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Sports   Comments Off on IPL – Indian ‘Phoren’ League

The advent of television in India approximately 28 years ago has brought out a tremendous change in our lives. Our focus changed on various issues and now our concepts are clearer. I am not mentioning here the lies that also float in the ad industry – the girl will become fairer (gori) in two weeks by using a particular brand of cream or a baldie (tackloo; like me 🙂 ) will grow hair – on the head of course – by applying a specified oil. But concepts in general have become clearer.

More than two decades ago I watched World cup soccer tournament. It was a treat to watch how the top teams in the world vie for a place in the finals and eventually one day hold the trophy. After watching the world cup and Euro cup matches – the Indian soccer league looked like watching a world cup match in slow motion.

I used to think that nobody will watch the local team matches except that sometimes I used to watch the Ranji Trophy final.  Who would have thought that one day Bollywood-glamour-cricket would amalgamate into one beautiful scenario and create a multi million dollar extravaganza that will be watched by a billion people all over the globe?  Even the England’s County cricket matches were not so popular. (more…)


April 22nd, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life   Comments Off on Happiness

Happiness is an attitude of mind. It can never be related to acquisition of material things. Over the last five decades I have met various sets of people who pretend to be happy but are lost in their own world of thoughts. They don’t look at what God Almighty has bestowed on them but they are content of thinking about have not.

 I have met innumerable people – in college – during my job – relatives and friends plus acquaintances. Some of them tried to feign happiness and they laugh three times – eh eh eh- but at the same time they are thinking of something else. They are talking to you or me but their minds are elsewhere. But where?  They are thinking about their past and living there – they are worried about their future – about which they have done nothing and thereby they spoil their present, Perhaps they have not read the famous quotation by a philosopher and I quote that – “The past is what is gone – the future is an optical illusion – today is the best day of your life”. (more…)


April 21st, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Political   Comments Off on A BILLION VOTES

I have been viewing the various programs related to the subject of the Indian Elections. Various learned persons have expressed their views on CNN-IBN and Times News TV channels which are thought provoking. And then there are various advertisements asking all eligible voters to cast their vote in exercising their rights to select a viable and stable government. I agree – yes we all must cast our votes but whom to vote for – is a million dollar question. Agreed – that we should not vote for contestants with a criminal background. But still there are so many other factors that are agitating one’s mind.

Gone are the days when the prospective netaji’s used to visit the city, town, street and Nukkad  (Corner) talk to the people and promise roti kapda and makaan (food, clothing and dwelling) – win the elections go to their five star comfort and come back again to the heat and dust after five years to repeat the same set of promises which they had never kept. But now the political scenario has changed considerably and is a different ball game altogether. People are now aware of what they say and what they mean. Mudslinging has become the order of the day – there are accusations and counter accusations. Thanks to the TV Channels we have watched the US elections and the difficulties faced by the two parties and the efforts made by them in wooing the voters. There was no mudslinging. The manifestos, the programs, the policies discussed on the podium were for the benefit for the public at large with a view to achieve economic stability, medical care and food for all. In a successful democracy only a two party rule is plausible – and those mooting for a third front or a fourth front in India are doing it to achieve their  own selfish ends in utter disregard of the good of the country.. This is a situation created only to gain a vantage bargaining position in the post poll scenario. (more…)