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Everyone wants to change the way they are living their lives. Dissatisfaction is written  all over on most of the faces. “Why did these things happen to me only? Others are enjoying. They have this, that and what not, and why am I leading this miserable life.” Even I have worked hard for so long but what has Almighty given me? Why doesn’t Almighty look towards me sympathetically and bestow upon me the amenities and changes I desire and let me live a decent and comfortable life?

The fact is that those who aimed higher, have also worked hard to achieve their desired objectives. Time is the most important commodity. If you have wasted your time over trivial issues, you stay put –  without any further gains. If you have got ‘something’ by doing what you have been doing so far, you will never get anything more than that   if you keep doing the same thing all through your life.

‘Change’ is the essence of achievement. You have to devise new means and methods to achieve and accomplish your desires. Don’t blame the Almighty for anything  and everything that goes wrong as per your wishes.  Perhaps things did not go the way you wanted, simply due to lack of application, dedication and direction on your part. Look at others and learn from their achievements, so also their sweat and toil. Also aim higher because aiming low, by itself , is a crime.

Apart from the little achievements, most humans don’t like the ‘set of people’ they have to withstand day in and day out. Dissatisfaction flows from various numbers of factors which have to be withstood on a day to day basis. It can be the boss in the office, perhaps the nagging wife at home, the irritating neighbor, the price rise, the noisy car, inefficient transport system, airport delays, the pending bills – are just a few examples which make life  irritating and miserable for some. But if appropriate steps had been taken/or can be taken now, things can be improved to obtain the desired objective. Don’t just waste time aimlessly. It is never too late to amend yourself.

Just stop cribbing and  honestly look at the small mercies granted to you by Him and be satisfied. What if you could not afford and drive a Mercedes worth half a million, nothing matters, be satisfied with a small Suzuki worth five thousand dollars. After all, this small car has four wheels, a steering wheel plus a horn, to blow away the traffic. The Suzuki never refuses to take you from point A to B –  or has it ever? Further, you know that your wife and kids love you and are with you whenever you need them. So, care two hoots for the rest of the world. Who has what and who has not, is none of your concern. If you have the grit and determination to succeed, that alone  matters.

And see for yourself what the philosopher, who wrote social articles in newspapers in Scotland, did,  just before his death. He told his family members to get the following four lines engraved as an epitaph on his grave:-

I wanted to change my community, I could not.
I wanted to change my country, I could not.
I wanted to change the world, I could not.
I changed myself, and the world change

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