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Are you scared of death? You should not be because this will happen to every one of us on the face of this earth, then why worry?

What will happen after you die? You had been very popular with family and friends and the social circle and used to gossip with people of your age on the cemented bench in the park outside your flat and people should care. So, people should care and miss you after your departure for the heavenly abode. What will happen? How will the world react once you are gone? Everyone will worry? Remember, this departure from the face of this earth has to happen to one and all irrespective of one’s status in society and there is no exception to the rule. Do you really want to know what will happen thereafter? Please read the succeeding paragraphs.

In the downtown suburban block, an elderly person who was quite popular with fellows suddenly passed away. They fondly called him Sharmaji.  A lady residing in the flat bang opposite to Sharma’s flat was cooking lunch when she heard loud cries from outside her house. She immediately switched off the gas, removed her apron, covered the utensil of milk with a lid and went out to find out what the commotion was all about.

When she opened the door of her flat, she found that the door of Sharmaji’s flat was ajar and three people including his wife were crying loudly and Sharmaji was lying lifeless on the bed. She said, “Oh what happened? I had seen him just today morning and he was OK.

“I don’t know” said Mrs. Sharma  who was sobbing – “he was OK I gave him breakfast  followed by a cup of tea; after cleaning the kitchen when I came back he was no more”.

“Oh I am so sorry, what have you thought about the funeral?” asked the grand lady.

“It has to be tomorrow afternoon as we are expecting other relatives to arrive here”.

This grand lady was not the person to hang out there for another 24 hours and promptly said -“Behenji, I had put the milk on the gas, I will just close it and come back in 5 minutes”. Of  goes the lady to return only the next afternoon. Perhaps her 2 O’clock TV serial was more important. Didn’t want to miss the continuity of the story. “May I send you some tea?” to which there was no reply.

Bad news spreads fast. By afternoon everyone in the apartment block got the news. Now what is going on in another apartment? The son and daughter are talking to their mother.

Son – “Ma, it is so sad that Sharmaji is no more. Nice person. You know he had recently bought a double door fridge, I was wondering if Mrs. Sharma would like to sell it. Just try to find out in a few days, she will give it cheap,  we will buy it.”

Daughter – “No brother, I have always been eying their carpet, the red and blue one, isn’t it beautiful Ma, why don’t you find out if Mrs. Sharma would now like to sell it. She does not need it anymore.”

In another apartment  the mobile rang later in the afternoon – “Hello, Oh hi darling why did you not call since morning and I was waiting for your call”.

“No Priyanka, I was busy in the office and could not call, love you so much.”

“Hey did you know that our neighbour  Sharmaji just passed away. The cremation is tomorrow afternoon and Mrs. Sharma has arranged transport to carry neighbours to the cremation site. Will you come on your mobike there?”

“Darling what will I do there? I hardly know them.”

“No you are my sweetie pie, I love you, you don’t understand. I will come in the available vehicle and from there we can go to eat Ice Cream with you” said Priyanka.

Next morning few relatives arrived at the railway station. They took out their hand towel and soap from the bag and after a cleanup, the husband told his wife – “Let’s eat something here as I am sure that we will not get anything to eat at Sharmaji’s residence”.

After they ate their desired dishes, the husband gave another valuable advice to his wife – “As soon as we enter their house we both should cry loudly.” “Yes, I understand” said the obedient wife. They did just that and after the tears and artificial howling, tea was served to them.

The priest had arrived and had also bought the essential items required to be taken to the cremation site. Other rituals had been performed at home and they were all ready to leave.

Suddenly, a small boy of about 14 years in age, who also lived in the same block, arrived at the door of Mrs. Sharma, parked his bicycle, went in and gave a bag full of flowers to her. The affectionate kid had bought them from his own pocket money.

So, friends, enjoy while you can, because now you know what happens afterwards.

Ravi Matah

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  1. Kumkum Bhatnagar Says:

    This is very true, the loss of a person is only felt by the loved ones. For the rest it is just a formality and life goes on. These are the facts of life and is true for all!!

  2. Shalini Says:

    An article with a lot of deep thought and laced with humour ……the loss of a person except one who is close can feel it for others life moves on …that’s nature and a way of life one has to accept…….

  3. Parul Says:

    I would like to hope that people care for others more than that; but i am afraid that you are probably accurate in your desciption of people’s sentiments!

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