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The super-star is no more and the world is mourning his sudden demise. In fact the world was eagerly waiting for his return to the  stage in July in UK, when news of his death  broke out.   The King of Pop, the icon, Jackson died suddenly on Thursday at his LA home after suffering cardiac arrest

The TV, the internet the media, the paparazzi  have all contributed in making him  a sensational  star. He had started his music carreer  alongwith the advent of the internet boom and became immediately popular.

 And when video recordings  of  his songs,  particularly  ‘Thriller’, were  telecast  on television, there was no looking back for him. And MJ became the best of the music icons the world has ever seen.

 News of Jackson’s death travelled the globe like a wildfire. Thousands of people paid tribute to the icon and the internet was jammed for the last three days and websites overloaded as shocked  fans  were searching for any related news or reading the tributes paid to him Tribute is being paid to him right now at the Appollo theatre where the Jackson 5 played their first programme in 1967.

His autopsy report somehow leaked on Monday.  As per the press reports, his stomach was full of undigested medicines. He was grossly underweight at the time of his death and at 5’10”, he weighed just 50 kgs. His face was disfigured by 13 plastic surgeries and he was totally bald and the bridge of his nose was also crumbled .

 His family has denied that MJ was bald.  However,just today  Jackson’s mother Katherine has obtained custody of Jackson’s children. Controversy is still brewing regarding the paternity of his children Prince 12 and Paris 11 that MJ and Debbie  were not their biological parents.

He used to cover his head with a wig  and his face with a white scarf.. His ribs were broken as a result of various attempts to resuscitate him. His entire body bore needle marks and  four  of the injections were given close to his heart in a futile attempt to revive him.

 These details are shocking and  this state of  his health was never anticipated. How could he ever think of conducting the concert starting July 13th when he himself  was in such a physical mess?  But then,  he was also practicing his dance and music. What happened that fateful night is still a mystery.

Only if this super icon had taken care of his health and not undergone so much surgery voluntarily, remained what he originally was, which was acceptable to the world at large,  the sales of his albums would perhaps have crossed the billion mark  I still wonder how he had invited so many health problems to himself.

The family of   Michael Jackson had met in his home in Los Angles and revealed that he will be buried at his favorite place the Neverland ranch where he used to spend most of his time.

         Good bye,  the world loves you MJ.



Ravi Matah


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