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This 1990 movie is special and still makes a deep impact on the viewer. It is the unique idea of the story which made it click. Wow, what a way to make millions of dollars while cashing in on a young man’s dream? Every young man’s dream is to find a beautiful girl, shower gifts on her, make her happy, dine out, buy her a full wardrobe, buy her jewelry and fulfill her desires and enjoy the marital bliss.

A corporate businessman Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) has just split up with his girlfriend. Seeking directions to the Beverly Hills Hotel, he meets a hooker, Vivian (Julia Roberts) and decides to keep her as his ‘date’ for one week. He showers affection on her by buying her an expensive wardrobe. It was a fairy tale beginning to a fruitful end in romance.

Why can’t every person make his own life happy by doing the same thing? If your spouse is  happy, you are happy The TV movies channel should screen this or any other movie with a similar message, frequently, to enlighten the youth regarding their dos and don’ts in life. It will have a positive impact on the youth, which still tries imitating what it sees on the telly.

The sriipt writers of  TV channels and movie producers should write positive stories for the serials or movies.  Watching other programmes on TV Channels, is an excruciating  pain in the neck. In these stories,  all members of the family are quarreling with each other; love and affection between them is totally absent.  The vamps are trying to ignite hatred within the family and dominate the serials for their personal goals. Each vamp is totally accomplished in the art of quarrelsome conduct .and always creates a ruckus in the family. She is an irritating piece of s**t, needs to be booted out asap. Even Almighty wont pick her up early as He also wants peace in His Kingdom.

And then, with this constant quarrel at home, the man goes ahead with the extra marital affair, further complicating the already lousy story. The story writers should think about some positive ideas which may have a good impact on the younger generation.

This movie, Pretty Woman, is an ideal lesson for all young boys to see and emulate it’s characters, by which will make their own lives ‘click’ in perfect harmony. This will also keep them away from petty squabbles which are rampant  in most of the households.

Do you agree?

Ravi Matah

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