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 We have to withstand erratic behaviour from various people day in and day out in carrying out our household chores. We  also have to bear  these idiosyncratic stances patiently. Isn’t that really amazing? People are still worrying about non-issues and turning a blind eye to the day to day difficulties.

When Dhoni and Harbhajan did not attend the Padma Shri awards some idiot filed a lawsuit against them. Oh, please forgive them for they know not what they have done. Does he know that there are thousands of other social issues to choose from, for which he should knock that door. Just see how we are utilising our valuable time.

Ready to Help

Ready to Help

It takes me two hours standing in the queue to pay the electricity bill as there is only one counter. Why can’t they open more counters to divide the rush. I have to carry the previous month’s paid bill, with receipt, with me just in case it is not fed in their computer.


Whenever you go to your bank, the bank fellas don’t care how many miles you have travelled, searched a parking space with difficulty, just  to get an entry done in the passbook? But you are told to come some other day as they  are very busy. Who will refund  the parking charge?

What a pleasure it is to be treated like an idiot every time you go to the DDA’s office. ‘Go get this document, go get copy of that challan’, you are told. I explained that I had submitted the requisite documents  and I want my flat to be released.  “No, no, he said – you have still not submitted the death certificate”!  I was shocked.  “What! I am still alive and ticking, how can I submit my death certificate”? He suddenly realized that he was looking at someone else’s file with a somewhat similar name, for allotment of a flat on compassionate grounds.  Bear it!

If you call your own residence from your mobile the prompt answer is ‘this number does not exist’. She will bash me up in the evening.

The list is endless regarding the state of the State. Now let us look at the national scenario.

A software employee from Andhra was killed in Afghanistan. The Prime Minister offered condolences  to the family, and said. “Afghanistan is our friend; we have to fully support the development in that country”. The President donates Rs. One lakh and offers a job to the next of kin.  What Barrack Obama would have done in a similar situation? He would have bartered at least one hundred for the price of one.

Apart from the trivial issues, it was the 26/11/08 catastrophe which the country had to withstand. Total mayhem, agony, shame and helplessness. We brought International consensus against the perpetrators. 

Agreed ‘Ahimsa, parmo dharma’. We have been taught this for more than a century by Mahatma Gandhi, but what does an eye for an eye mean? Who will teach us that?  Are we developing these long range missiles for Dewali?
What are  we doing  about the Indian students who are being bashed up in Australia for no fault of theirs, except that they are Asians? To add insult to injury, the Australian government spokesman said today that these are petty crimes.

Things have to be resolved in a systematic way and there is lot of room for improvement. First, we need to teach the man sitting behind the table, that, we are all human beings, have a minor difficulty, and it is he, who should have a solution to the trivial problem, and not try to complicate it. This would improve his myopic vision.

Forget Dhoni and Company please,  they are doing a splendid job in the field, but are we doing ours? Don’t think, just be ready to help.

What do you say?

Ravi Matah

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