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beautiful-bangali-bride_~k1280044I was then a 24 year old girl, had my ambitions, but my parents were busy searching for a suitable boy through newspaper ads as well as through the net.

One day I was told that we all had to go to meet the prospective groom. I was feeling shy and reluctant to go. I was scared of the phrase ‘in-laws’ because of reading stuff in the newspapers about quarrels brewing after weddings.

The venue was a posh restaurant nearby and the ambience was impressive. The grooms’ family was already there. We both sat on a vacant table at the other end. He broke the ice by enquiring about my hobbies and the nature of my job. We kept on chatting for more than half an hour by which time coffee had gone cold. 

After few minutes of courtesy, thanks, we will let you know, will call you up, bye-bye, nice meeting you, etc. we left for our respective homes.  The boy was apparently decent, healthy, cheerful and witty.

Few weeks later, they called to tell us that they agreed to the proposal.  Making arrangements for the wedding was a crazy task and we didn’t realize that the time had flown by and the D day had arrived.

With a small decent gathering, the ceremony began at the auspicious moment. After dinner it was time for ‘vidai’ (departure). I left in a flower decked car with my husband and left my parents, close relatives and friends sobbing.

I was greeted very well by members of the family. Next day it was ‘havan’ (prayer) in my new home. After lunch the outstation relatives packed and left.

Then next morning my pa-in-law called me and said, “Deepika, we were always longing to have a daughter and now have got one after three decades. All we seek from you is love and affection.  If ever you need anything please let us know. From now onwards caring for you and your happiness, is our responsibility and you will not bother your Daddy?”  He handed me a jewelry box which contained a diamond studded necklace which his mother had left for me. He wanted to say something, paused for few seconds, and said, “Did you call him?  I think you haven’t spoken to him in two days. He may be waiting to hear your voice”.  I was deeply touched by his thoughtfulness. I felt that he was considerate and affectionate.

My pre-conceived notions about the ‘in-laws house’ were ill-founded and I smiled. 🙂

Five years have passed and I still cannot forget that incident. I had left a wonderful father back home whom I love and Almighty gave me an equally caring pa-in-law whom I adore


Ravi Matah

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  1. Meghana Says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and giving your words of appreciation for my TATA Nano Blog.

    Read this post ‘The Bride’,really a touching one.Definitely in-laws are loving and caring as parents.It the way you nurture your relationship.Sometimes brides enter their in-laws house with a pre-conceived notion that their in-laws will not be good,which is wrong.A person should never be judged with any earlier notions in mind, rather rationally.



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