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Every manufacturer gets a catchy ad made to advertise his product and sends it to the various TV channels as this is the better way to send the message to  every household.

The  TV channels churn out one pathetic story after another full of quarrels with no respite to the viewer. There is a total vaccum,  so far as good educative programmes or comedy programmes are concerned. When will they make the viewer laugh?

People watching their favorite programmes or news,  view these ads during every break.- “Gori in fifteen days, use this cream” – “Grow hair in a month, use this oil”, – “Stay young forever, use this German technology cream” -‘Keep your hair long and strong” use this oil. –   “Use this deo to catch girls”.  Are all  the viewers idiots?

It is a fact that it is the parent’s responsibility to educate their children, but what to do if this nonsense penetrates your house with closed doors. Most of Indian households have only one TV and the family watches it together

What exactly are they trying to teach the young ones?  Most of the stories shown on TV channels teach you how to mistreat wives, have extra marital affairs, beat them, disgrace them and to give a happy ending to the lousy 36 weeks old story, they  marry them. What is the moral behind their stories. No one can relish this chaos after a hard days work. Why can’t they think of some comedy serials to make people laugh? If you can’t make good comedy programmes, repeat the 42 episodes of ‘Yeh jo Hai Zindagi’ and bring Amin Sayani to start the Binaca Geetmala on TV.

And then you have to withstand these stupid ads.

The hero in an ad uses a deodorant  and half a dozen girls embrace him in the middle of the street.  I used that deo once, forget the girls embracing me; even auntieji did not give me a cursory glance.

Do you jump in the  air when you buy a good quality rubber slipper and wear it for the first time?

 Does your lady love dance and sing in the kitchen when she cooks food in super brand refined oil? Then there are ads of so many soaps and detergents which are irritating.

‘Gori’ in 15 days. Apply this. It can never happen, and if all the girls become gori, then where to find one slightly dark complexioned one? Dark is exotic.

Grow new hair –  use this to stop hair fall also. Wow, I wouldn’t have been a baldie.

Try this cream – stay young forever – “Italian technology se bana hai” (This is made from Italian technology), because Indians can’t make it.

Six men trying to lift a truck with its parts falling, wearing horrible red trousers and purple shirts, singing and dancing. Then one holds a can to tell the viewers that this is quality engine oil. I vote this as the most horrible ad because  it is   extremely ill-conceived. 

They say, zero to sixty in ten seconds?  Is speed the only criterion to tell the viewer that this bike is good? Please educate the viewers of the specifications of the machine? The power, the rpm, the bhp, the fuel consumption, the system of brakes – why not?

All ads of two wheelers shown on the TV are absolutely irritating.

 “Mama, why did we get this water purifier”? To have a bath with clean water!!!

 Look at this – he jumps down from buildings, runs down flights of stairs stands in the middle of a road to wait for the truck – only to steal a cold drink?  Please don’t steal, buy it.

The list of idiosyncrasies is endless. I could keep going  for weeks.

Yes there are good ads also. The advertising company for Fevicol (adhesive) has done a splendid job and is the best ad maker in this country. They churn out one ad every year and it is a treat to watch. It instantly conveys the message and makes you smile.

All the ads of the small chweet little girl with an equally cute small dog, ‘happy to help’, are very well made. And so were the zoozoo’s ads made for a mobile company. Other ad companies should follow suit.

Come on, use your upper chamber and make catchy ads. You have only ten seconds in which to convey the message. You don’t need a beautiful girl to advertise a shaving blade. It’s a man’s prerogative.

The catch line is – ‘convey the message and make people smile’.


Ravi Matah

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