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Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped in 1991 at the age of 11 and surfaced in 2009 just  four  days ago. She was kidnapped in South Lake Tahoe, California and gave birth to two children  while still in captivity. For 18 years she was living between constant fear and abuse and her life was worse than death.

Four days ago she was found in San Francisco area and saw her mother  for the first time after 1991. She is under stress  and will remain under traumatic stress for God knows how many years.  Tonight, it was reported in  CNN news  channel which  related her horrific experience during the last 18 years. The period in captivity  was the most important period of her life for  physical and mental development,  but was snatched away from her by the brutal hands  of fate.

It is not only her trauma alone, but the trauma in the lives of the two children she has had during her captivity.  Firstly, let us she what this girl would have done – had she not been kidnapped? She would have gone to school, played with her friends, finished school and gone to College, then attended a professional course and  would have got a job. Thereafter she would have got married , settled and then had a couple of kids and lived a life of dignity and self respect.  All this has gone to dogs because of  her alleged kidnapper – Phillip Garrido.

What will happen to her two kids? They need education. Will  they be accepted as normal children by their class mates? Will the Principal of the school where they seek admission will be kind enough to protect these two kids from the taunts of other children? As per police reports, these two children are the off-springs of the alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido. This case is somewhat similar to that of the father who had kidnapped his own daughter for 24 years and fathered seven children from her.

Will Jaycee Dugard ever be able to come out of her post traumatic stress disorder? Is there anyone on this earth who can bring back her golden years drifted away because of the crminal attitude of her kidnapper – Philip Garrido?

As per CNN news channel, Phillip has since been arrested.  It has been reported that Philip had kept her in a tentage accomodation in his backyard.  Her children, both girls – 11 and 15 have to be fully supported by the government as they have also been isolated from the world. They will have to make friends from scratch. Jaycee has a stepfather Carl, and I am not sure how much he will be able to accommodate the three of them.

Do you understand the magnitude of the problem now being faced by these three – mother and two daughters. As for Phillip he might be jailed for a 150 years in prison  – perhaps – according to the American law – which I think is a ridiculous punishment. The judiciary also knows that an average life of any individual in not more than 75 years. And sending a 60 plus person to 150 years in jail is no punishment.

This is the rarest of the rare cases and deserves exemplary punishment which should be an eye opener for other such Phillips to dissuade them from  venturing into such a henious crime. Had this happened in India, I would have appealed that the provisions of Sec 302 IPC (Death Penalty)  should be made applicable in this case. Even though the three are alive, but the trauma they have been through, is worse that death and definitely not  alive, in the true sense of the word.

Your comments are welcome on this tragic case so that your opinion is read by those in authority in the United States judiciary as well as the government.

 I am also fully aware of the fact that  every criminal is innocent – unless proven guilty.


Ravi  Matah

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