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When I was in school, I used to wear blue shorts and red shirt in the evening to play football and ‘whites’ for cricket practice with a monogram of the school (‘SJA’) on the pocket.  This dress was  then called ‘colours’. I loved to wear tee-shirts also, in the evenings and the only choice for boys  then was blue, cream and grey and no A B C D printed on it.

Thereafter, went  to college and wore tee-shirts as there was no specific dress code. At the time, cricket was played in white clothes, until Kerry Packer of Channel 9 Australia, innovated coloured trousers and changed the white to a coloured tee-shirt with the country’s name in front and player’s name and  number on it’s back. And rightfully so, TENdulkar got the number ‘ten’ on his tee-shirt. So, the digits and words arrived on  tee-shirts.

We have recently come to Seattle (US) and my daughter has been blessed with a daughter. The baby was born at the Overlake Hospital and Medical Centre. We frequented the hopital every day for four days and had to go to the ‘mother-child-care’ area. It was there that I found so many babies in the arms of parents or in the strollers and read the quotes printed on their tee-shirts. I used to laugh reading them and now wish to share a few of the captions with my readers.

This is where the tee-shirt took an amazing turn. Just look at what new-borns’ and couple of months old are wearing and how well they communicate –

 – mama loves me

 – love U mom.

 – If you dont feed me,
   Nobody sleeps

 – love U daddy

 – daddy loves me

 – mama I’m hungry

 – My Mom is best

 – Mamma’s pet kid

 – lock up your DAUGHTERS

 – that’s how I roll

 – If u think I’m cute, you should see my MOM

 – Please dont touch me! My mom is paranoid

 – Mommies little man

 – Nana loves me

 – 50% mommy, 50% daddy = 100% cute

 – I go from calm to Cranky in 20 seconds

 – I am a chic magnet

 – i Pood!!

I love international football club matches with world renowned names on the tee-shirts, but the kids tee-shirts are far more fascinating and enjoyable to view.

I hope you liked my recollection of few of them!


Ravi Matah

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