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In another attack on an Indian in Australia, a Sikh was punched in his head by a group of Australians who also removed his turban while he was sleeping at a bus stop in Melbourne. Police said the bashing of the 22-year-old Indian youth who was punched in the head, was unprovoked and had his turban removed as he slept at a bus stop.

It was reported by ‘The Age Newspaper that – “The  man was asleep at a stop near Epping railway station in Cooper Street about 12.45 am on Sunday when a bus pulled into the depot and five males, believed to be between 17 and 19 approached him and started bashing him up.”

Two of the five youths allegedly bashed the Indian man, while their three companions tried to stop the assault, the report said, adding that the 60-year-bus driver and a passenger also tried to stop the attack. The five youths managed to escape.

“The victim suffered injuries to his mouth but did not need medical attention,” the daily reported. This is the latest among a series of racially-motivated attacks on Indians and students from the community.

Around 30 Indian students have been  attacked in various cities from June to August.

In mid-September, four  Indians, an Uncle, his two nephews and his son, were “brutally bashed” by a mob of around 70 youth while playing pool  there.  After a couple of months of peace in Australia, Mukhtiar Singh and his two nephews  were brutally beaten up by a group of 80 people including women in Melbourne’s eastern suburb of Epping.

A few weeks ago. two Australians, who allegedly abused a group of Indians and vandalised their car, were bashed up, the police said in Melbourne. This  incident took place at a carpark outside Meadowglen International Athletics Stadium at Epping in Melbourne when a local skateboarder damaged the rear window of a car belonging to an Indian. The skateboarder also used the abusive language against some Indians who were coming out of the stadium after a kabaddi match.

The two men, aged 25 and 42, were taken to Northern Hospital with minor injuries, they said. However, no arrests have been made and the incident was under investigations, police told PTI. It was revealed that the guy also made some racial comment following which the clash broke out between the two groups.

“One of the youths there tried to get in the way of the cars and yelled out a bit of abuse at people. Actually the fight erupted when he smashed the panel of the side window of the car with the skateboard. It had escalated from there as some of his mates had come down the skatepark. A couple more were assaulted,” he said.

Another 28 year old youth was beaten up with a wooden plank and got 30 stiches in the head, after he got down from a bus at Keilor Plains train station in the first week of October.

Most of the attacks have occured at bus stations and railway stattions in Melborne, Sydney, Epping,  Keilor Plains train station and policing at these places has been far from satisfactry.

Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne have been voted as the “most unfriendly and unsafe” places to live in by over 6,000 overseas students, according to a latest survey. These cities, were also dubbed by overseas students as unsafe and inhospitable, the AAP report said.

Education is a billion dollars industry in Australia and some stringent measures have to be taken to prevent this racial outburst there. Even two years ago there was a backlash against the Asian community and all hell broke loose in the streets of Sydney and Melbourne. Even the Chinese authorities had given an advisory to their youth to be careful.

Despite the assurances given by the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Judd to the Indian Foreign Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna, during the latters’ visit to Australia in June 09, regarding  safety of Indian students, the attacks on Indian residents there, have gone unabated.


Ravi Matah

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  1. meghana Says:

    Ya its sad!Unfortunately, Australia is one of the developed countries in the world but the mindset of people are underdeveloped.The education, tourism which are the driving industries of the Australian economy,sadly Australian people are making it weaker,in turn making their economy weaker.

    And the worst part that the govt.of Australia has failed to keep up their promise.

  2. Lol Says:

    I love the racism of your readers. Way to judge the mindsets of an entire nation of people as underdeveloped.

    “Australia is one of the developed countries in the world but the mindset of people are underdeveloped”.

    “The man was asleep at a stop near Epping railway station in Cooper Street about 12.45 am”.

    I probably wouldn’t be sleeping at public bus stops after midnight. Australians generally know these aren’t the most safest of places late at night.

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