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Mr. Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia, had visited India last week and had discusions with Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh regarding the attacks on Indian students in Australia. Kevin Rudd assured that the attackers would be severely dealt with according to the law of the land and nobody would be spared.

The Ministry of External Affairs press notification released Rudd’s statement – “The attacks on foreign students studying in Australia ‘as our guests’ would not be tolerated, Rudd asserted, adding they would be dealt with by the full force of the Australian law enforcement and criminal justice systems”.

Kevin Rudd’s visit to India has now borne fruits. A court in Melbourne has sentenced an Australian to over six years in jail for attacking an Indian taxi driver with knife, and hundreds of Indian cab drivers had blocked the Melbourne streets last year in protests.

 Justice Elizabeth Curtain sentenced Parrish Chales to six-and-a-half years in jail, saying the stabbing of 23 years old Jalvinder Singh was “random, unprovoked and frenzied” and the fact that the 45-year-old attacker had a hunting knife hidden,  showed a degree of “premeditation”.

 The Courts’ judgement in sending Parrish Chales to six years in jail might serve as a deterrent to other people and they might desist from such actiivities in future.

 A Victorian Court, on Wednesday handed out long term sentences of imprisonment to the attackers of Dr. Mukesh Haikerwal, an Indian origin doctor and the former Chief of Australian Medical Association. Alfer Aopardi, who had hit the doctor with a baseball bat was jailed for 18 and a half years. Dr Haikerwal was walking through a park on 27th September 2008 when he was bashed by three men. Another person – Michael Baltatis was jailed for 16 and a half years. The third assailant Sean Gabriel was jailed for 9 years ad nine months.

 The judge while announcing the sentences said that attacks werre cowardly and descipable. This is a very good judgement and will send lessons to people attacking others for no rhyme or reason. It has. however, been reported in a section of press that an Indian family, who are not students, were attacked on Wednesday in Melbourne.

This nonsense has to stop before it is too late because this will lead to serious ramifications in future.


Ravi Matah

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