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In yet another attack on Indian students in Australia, a 23-year-old youth, a taxi driver, was stabbed in the chest by unidentified assailants in Melbourne on Wednesday, reports Age. The student, who is also a taxi driver, was attacked and left to bleed on a Brunswick West street, police said.

The name of the victim has not so far been revealed by the press.

The victim parked his taxi outside his girlfriend’s house on Collier Crescent in the early hours on Wednesday and rang her to get his dinner outside when someone approached his vehicle, The Age reported.

The paper  quoted the statmeent of the Police Officer that  ‘his girlfriend heard the driver scream out over the phone as he was attacked’.

 The woman ran outside and found her boyfriend lying outside the car, bleeding with a stab wound to the chest.

Police do not believe the attack was racially motivated or an attempted robbery as the man still had cash in his pocket and his mobile phone, the paper said. They are examining whether another car was involved.

Why is the police trying to twist the direction of the investigation, is not understood? Since the victim had been stabbed in the chest, it is evident that the attack had been made with an ‘intent to kill’.

Why is there such an extreme amount of hatred in the minds of some Australians towards Indian students?

They have gone there to study and they also work there to earn their livelihood so also they contribute to the workforce and even then they are treated like third rate people for no apparent fault. Why?

 The taxi has damage to the rear of the vehicle and bits of a broken front headlight were found near the scene.

Ambulance was called to the scene and the para-medics took the man to Royal Melbourne Hospital where he remains in a serious condition. As per reports, intensive care paramedic Sean Lowell said they arrived within eight minutes to find the man on the ground next to his car.

“The man had been stabbed in the upper body and first aid was being applied by police officers,” Lowell said adding “When para-medics arrived, police were helping stem the blood flow by applying pressure to his wound.

“Given the seriousness of his condition, it was important for him to get further treatment at hospital as soon as possible.”

Police said officers were door-knocking the area and checking CCTV footage and any other clues which may prove helpful in identifying the attacker.

Since June this year, over 30 Indian youths have been attacked in various cities of Australia.

The Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was in Delhi a month ago and had talks with his counterpart Dr. Manmohan Singh on the issue of racial attacks on Indian students in Australia. Noting that Indian students had recently overtaken China to become the largest source of overseas students in Australia numbering close to 100,000, Rudd, pointed out that no government could guarantee that no acts of violence would occur.

Melbourne and Sydney have been comsidered as the most unsafe places, so far as international students studying in Australia are concerned.

About 100,000 Indian students live in Australia. More than 30,000 students go every year to Australia to study. After many racial attacks, some action now appears to have been taken by Australia.

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