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Tiger Woods was famous for his golf and became infamous for his personal life.

For 10 incomparable years, no one ruled a sport like Woods. He won 64 tournaments, including 12 major championships. Even as a shocking sex scandal changed the way people look at Woods, the records he set could not be ignored.

Woods was selected on Wednesday, as the ‘Athlete of the Decade’ by The Associated Press in a vote that was about his performance on the course.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Woods, who has not been seen since the car accident, and has issued only statements on his Web site, was not made available to give any comment to the media about the award. Allegations of rampant affairs starting coming out just 10 days after Woods won the Australian Masters.

He had received a $3 million appearance fee in Australia. Woods won more than one-third of all the tournaments he played this decade, an unprecedented rate in golf. Nine of his victories were by at least eight shots. He was No. 1 in the world ranking for all but 32 weeks in the decade. Along with his 12 majors this decade — he has 14 overall, and Woods was runner-up in six other majors.

He won 14 times out of 27 appearances in the World Golf Championships. But why did his popularity nose-dive?

A super-star today, and his popularity rating tumbles tomorrow. A hero at 0200 hrs and a zero at 0230. It was during this half-an-hour that Woods crashed his Caddilac sports car into the fire hydrant which later banged into a tree. The personal life of Tiger Woods has become hot topic for tabloids after the champion golfer crashed this car outside his home last week. It has been widely speculated that the accident happened after an argument between Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren about his alleged affairs with other women. Those fateful few moments. So much so, that the world’s first billion dollars athelete has to halt his golf carrier.

Regarding his popularity gone,  it is.  perhaps that this the way the society sees  now. As per Washington Post/ABC new polls suggest that US public does not regard/respect this 14 times World champion any more because of his infideliity. To achieve the star status is also not easy – but to maintain that status is all the more difficult. Star’s cannot drink milk ‘like a cat with her eyes closed’. Just look at India’s sports stars. Totally non-controversial. No hanky-panky business.

 As per press reports, he may now loose half of his earnings if his wife Elin Noerdegren, files for divorce. She is totally devastated and has recently been spotted without the wedding ring creating speculations that she may end this marriage now. Elin is planning to file for divorce in California and could make Tiger pay for his infidility.

In happier times

In happier times

Where is Tiger Woods? Star golfer Tiger Woods is not touch in media and is reportedly staying alone somewhere in Florida. At the same time, he’s waiting for storm calm down.

The New York Daily News quoted a friend of Woods as saying, “He is very contrite, but he’s also disoriented.” The friend added, “He still can”t believe this is happening.” And the worst part of this scenario is that the poor thing does not even know what to do at this juncture.

 Tiger Woods has made the ‘twitter’ also busy for the last few days. The teenager friend of the golfer said, “He’’s been talking about going away with two or three of his friends.

In the mean time, it’s being believed that Tiger’s wife Elin has left for Sweden with her children. She has reportedly bought a home there to stay.


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