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‘Twitter’ is a famous and fantastic on-line podium which brings millions of people together on one platform. The main facility here is spontaneous human interaction and ‘freedom’ of speech. You can convey your feelings, pass comments on current events, convey discontent about the goings on around you and which affect you. You can make friends and follow people and lead by example to make others follow you. 

Twitter basically revolves around the principle of followers.  In this social network, if you follow people, they follow you. Its’ reciprocal. Each and every tweet is different, with no language barrier whatsoever. Most of the tweets are in English though very few use their own dialect. The original product name for the service was twttr, inspired by Flickr. 



I am getting a feeling now that ‘twitter’ is an addiction. Just wondering what these million people used to do just four years ago? Dawn to dusk and well past midnight I find them there only. They can be termed as ‘twittaholics’. Twitter was conceived as an off-shoot from the SMS somewhere in March 2006. People tell each other what they had for breakfast, recommend songs to one another, tell tips about future education and now some of them have started to tell you how to make money online while tweeting. 

Current news travels the fastest. Though, Americans think that ‘twitter’ can be a potential tool for terrorism but I feel that this is one of the fastest modes to transporting news ‘as it happens’ across the globe. Actress Brittany Murphy (32) expired and the world knew of her sad and tragic demise within hours. In India, if CNN-IBN news channel is to air some important discussion, a tweet on twitter will send millions of watchers to the prime time news episode. Such is the power of twitter. 

Though twitter has provided a maximum of 140 characters in a tweet, people have developed the knack to convey their message within the prescribed format, by using abbreviations, which of course are easily understood by all readers. 

Intellectual content is also shared while tweeting. Healthy discussions take place. The language by and large is decent but very few of the twitters are in the habit of using foul language also in their tweets, which should be avoided to keep the content clean. 

Then there is another facility called ‘trending topics’. One can choose the topic and flow across smoothly in the stream of all those who are on that topic. For example a trending topic can be #Michael Jackson, #poetry, #love, #elections, #micro-poetry and various others. 

To enjoy tweeting, you have to filter people. You got to find like minded people and bring them to your lists so also you have to be a part of other people lists. People issue hash-tagged messages which their group members understand and follow the discussions/topics all through the day. Interesting questions such as ‘where is this beauty parlour located’ are also asked and replied. 

This is a good way to keep in touch with friends and make friends with people unknown, crossing barriers of caste, colour, creed or sex. No one knows whether ‘its black or its white’. A tweet is a tweet and has to be honorably dealt with in that manner. And if you want to find a ‘Gem’ across seven seas, you can also do that. 

Using Twitter for intellectual communication is about sending your views to another, free of cost in the minimum possible time. Yes, those texting tweets with mobile phones have to pay heavy phone bills. 

Manufacturers across the globe have also received a magnificent tool in twitter to text-message  their products. The information flows across to millions of readers across the globe. Well known celebrities including film stars and top-notch editors of prominent channels, have also logged in on twitter with the sole intent of enhancing their image. Certain manufacturers pay substantial sums of money to these celebrities to send down one tweet recommending their products. 

Then there is the facility of an inbox wherein all the tweets, which have your mention, will be stored automatically. One has to be careful what to write on.  Always be discreet on Twitter because every line is safely stored. A few months ago a lady tweeted a friend using derogatory words about the house in which she was staying and the land lord sent her a legal notice for defaming the owners’ premises. 

Come, jump in the band-wagon called ‘twitter’ and enjoy meeting people and convey your thoughts and belief, instantly and free of charge. If you join the twitter, it will at least make you a ‘somebody’ out of a ‘nobody’.

Ravi Matah

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  1. Purti Says:

    Twittaholics is an interesting term used.
    i think its just not right for us to start and see evrything from a negative perspective.
    twitter and terrorism are funny to be related- terrorists are anyways far educated to find out ther means of communication! i really appreciate the way you have very convincingly proven a way out for twittaholics!

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