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The handsome, young, flamboyant,energetic, courteous, intelligent, N.D.Tiwari had an ignominious exit from the Raj Bhawan of Hyderabad. These accolades are much less than he actually deserved.

Tiwari had the distinction of being the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh on four occasions and earlier he also had a stint as a legislature of the UP Assembly.The State of Uttar Pradesh had, for decades been the stronghold of the Congress Party.



Unfortunately, as a fall-out of this, the President, Mrs. Pratibha Patil, cancelled her tour to the Andhra State.

It had become absolutely difficult for Tiwari to face the first women President of India, and also Ms Sonia Gandhi, the President of the Congress Party.

Congress sources said that the party is concerned, as it is embarrassed by this incident because of Tiwari’s long association with it.

Prior to his stint as Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Tiwari was the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand,(a newly formed State, carved out of U.P.) where he had obliged many a female local leaders by granting them favours, as a quid-pro-quo.  Yes, people used to talk, but only in whispers.

Radhika, from Uttarakhand, whose name prominently figured as the female who sent three females into the Raj Bhawan also had an axe to grind. She was promised an iron ore mining license during his tenure as Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, but ‘resultantly’ not granted.

The sting operation was telecast on Friday, and thereafter, Raj Bhavan approached the Andhra Pradesh High Court and obtained restraint order on the channel from telecasting the film on TV.

For the last 48 hours, keywords related to Tiwari’s name have been the most sought after, since Tiger Woods, and became a trending  topic.  A tweeter suggested that ‘Tiwari can now go to Florida and stay with Woods’. For mutual sympathy sake, perhaps.

It is old saying that’ One is a company, two is a crowd and three is a gherao’. After being gheraoed, Tiwari, had no option but to prematurely press the eject button. Poor fellow, stuck between the devil and the deep sea, didn’t think of any other option, or rightly so, didnt have it.

Not much long ago, Rohit Shekar, a lawyer, fought a legal battle in Delhi High Court, claiming that he was a son of Ms. Ujjawala Sharma, daughter of a Minister from Haryana, and was born of a friendship between his mother and Tiwari.

His claim was considered  by the Court, rejected and, declared -‘time-barred’.

Then, Tewari,  became the ‘Nauchami Narayan’.  A music video, sung by N.S. Negi, a Singer in Dehra Dun,  came afloat and thousands of copies sold. It was made in the local dialect – Garhwali. It was, in fact a political satire on the existing situation in the State, but the ‘young C. M.’ was happy.

This video became a popular weapon and a marvel, to diffuse the ‘BJP- combine’ opposition’. 

Nauchami in the local dialect means ‘naughty’- and naughty he was – till the day, he was gheraoed, and consequently sent his resignation to the President.

And, this bachelor boy, had had enough tumble throughout his life – and  tumbled out of it, perhaps with nowhere to go, as of today – but tomorrow, no one knows.

Ravi Matah

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  1. meghana Says:

    Intresting analysis of Mr Tiwari’s issue.!

  2. deepak dhand Says:

    dear ravi,
    this case is not unusual. it is very difficult to separate the man from the politician. in usa such cases come to light all the time. in india the press is not so free. in usa, the cases of jfk, bill clinton come to mind.

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