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A 21-year-old Indian youth with permanent residency in Australia was fatally stabbed in the abdomen by unidentified assailants in Melbourne on Sunday while on his way to work, the first death in a series of vicious attacks on the members of Indian community.

Nitin Garg was stabbed to death in Melbourne on Saturday. As per TV news reports, he was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital where he  died later.

He was a part time employee in Hungry Jack’s restaurant.  Garg, had migrated from Punjab and was attacked in a park while he was walking towards the restaurant.

He staggered for nearly 300 meters into the restaurant on the corner of Somerville Road and Geelong Road, West Footscray, about 10 pm local time last night and pleaded for help before collapsing.

Police said the youth from Newport had travelled to Yarraville train station about 9.30 pm local time, and was walking along Anderson Street towards the Park, where he was stabbed in the abdomen.

Police are not calling this  a racial attack, stating that investigations are on. They added that at this stage there was no known motive and no evidence available that the youth was targeted because of his race.

Police were trying to contact relatives of the victim, abroad, to determine if he had any family here.

Nearly 100 cases of attacks on Indians had been reported in Australia in since May 2009.

And, sorry to say that this one is a lousy New Years’ gift given by Australia to India. They will have to take stern remedial action to prevent such racial attacks in future, otherwise their billion dollars education industry will not survive.

His friends said he feared for his safety following a previous attack, local media reported, without mentioning when it had happened.

His room-mate, Parminder Singh, however said, that  his friend was nervous after being beaten up by a group of men at the Newport Railway Station.

“They were just drunk and they wanted to find anyone to beat,” Singh was quoted as saying by ABC News. “If they find someone alone they just beat (them) because they know nothing is going to happen after that .A stark reminder of police apathy and inefficiency.

Most of these attacks have occurred in trains, outside railway  stations and bus stops. The administration had assured that Police patrollong will be increased in these sensitive areas. But to no avail.

Police Senior Sergeant Snare said police had not so far found a weapon . “We’ve had forensic examining the scene out at Hungry Jacks and in the park and also, with the assistance of the SES (State Emergency Service), we’ve done a line search through the park area,” he said.

Police were awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination on the victim’s body.  According to the Australian Associated Press they have appealed for any witnesses in the vicinity of the Park and the residential area so also  the area around the railway station, who could shed some light to the incident.

Police particularly wanted to hear from a group of people in the park earlier that night that could help the investigation.

Attacks on Indian students have been going on unabated for the last two years and this is the first death reported so far. Melbourne and Sydney have been comsidered as the most unsafe places, so far as international students studying in Australia are concerned.

About 100,000 Indian students live in Australia. More than 30,000 students go every year to Australia to study. After many racial attacks, no action  appears to have been taken by Australia.

Despite assurances given by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India and Shri S.M.Krishna. Minister of Exteral Affairs, no concrete steps appear to have been taken to stop these racial attacks.

Ravi Matah

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  1. meghana Says:

    Its a really sad!!!!!!!!I wonder one thing when Australian’s have soo.. much problem with Indian staying there….why there govt is granting visa to Indians and above that giving permanent residency status followed by citizenship?????These Australian’s should first fight with their govt for allowing Indian’s to come in Australia.

    Do Australian’s suffer from Inferiority complex ????

  2. Neetesh Says:

    These all happening because our GOVERMENT is run by couple of WIMPS…no one respect Indians (except the Food)..and its all because we(the gov.) are so craven(futtoo) to take any step against any hostile nation..goverment only talk and go home to sleep well…they don’t care as long as they get money for there whisky..they don’t have any self respect….We are such a big country but still so divided ..Even Indians discreminate between each other in sydney..For instance..when one is looking for accomodation ..then some indians home owner say ..Only Gujarti..only marathi..etc..shit…
    first We have to improve ousrselves ..BE TOGETHER ..Grow together..and we ll be the most powerfull country in the world…Listen basterd Govertment…


  3. Bangaloreloka Says:

    It’s really sad but I don’t think it’s all about racial stuffs.. we do know some foreigner dies in India, perhaps I can get opinions of both side but overall it’s sad to see someone dies away..

  4. Lol Says:

    This was a tragic event. I used to reside around this area awhile ago.

    However, I would never walk through this park at night as it is large, has no lighting at all and is well known to be frequented by drug addicts.

    This is ultimately the failure of the Police Force and Government to clean up the streets and crack down on crime, not necessarily racism.

    In Australia someone can be attacked for the ‘fun’ of it rather than for the purposes of robbery of anything race related. Incidents such as this could happen to asian, african or caucasian people.

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