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On the Republic Day of India, even as Indian and Australian flags go up, two Indian students were allegedly assaulted by a group of people in Melbourne. Eight persons, described as being of Asian appearance, have been arrested after several hours of the incident and were being questioned, police said in a statement.

The 18-year-old Indian man suffered wound on his left ear from a sharp edged weapon, police said.  A 22-year-old student was also punched to the ground and suffered minor abrasions. The accused had allegedly made comments to the duo before one of the students was pushed to the ground and kicked just two days ago in central Melbourne.

A couple of days ago, I had stated in my blog that Australian Government should wake up to the situation and address the truth that the attacks on Indians there, are racially motivated and act accordingly but to no avail.

Two deaths of Indian students have already been reported and it amply proves the gravity of the situation prevailing there. It was also reported that few more colleges are likely to be shut down.

Police confirmed the two victims were Indian students but were unable to say whether the comments made were racial. The 18-year-old was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital with lacerations to the left ear, while the other student did not required hospital treatment, a report said.

India’s External Affairs Minister, S M Krishna, urged Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith to hand over details of police action taken in cases of violence against Indians. The Australian government has now released a dossier of attacks on Indians over the past year.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s artist-activist nephew has also been fined for offensive behavior to protest against racism at a demonstration outside the venue of the Australian Open.

Van Rudd, son of the Prime Minster’s brother Malcom Rudd, and another man staged a protest outside the Rod Laver Arena against the recent spate of violence against Indians in Melbourne. This happened after eight men were arrested for bashing two Indian students.

The attacks have spread from Melbourne to Sydney and to Brisbane. Australian government keeps saying that these attacks are not racial. They add that the victims were at the wrong place at the wrong time because Indian students work in late shifts and they are targets of opportunity due to their economic profiles.

 Looking at the present state of affairs, Indian government had to issue a travel advisory to Indians to stay in groups and avoid ill-lit areas.

The external affairs Minister S.M.Krishna has warned the Australian government that bilateral ties between the two countries could be affected. Before the situation deteriorates further, Australian government should admit that the attacks are racial and should address the issue appropriately.

The former Military Chief of Australia has said the  Australia government cannot now ignore the element of racial attacks in the hits upon Indians. The top-most body of Australian Universities had issued a warning to the Australian government two years ago emphasising the fact that students safety should be given top priority. But the government says that this warning is not found in the minutes of their meetings.

Strong economic ties between India and Australia are important and should not be jeopardised because of the callous attitude of the Australian government on the attacks on Indian students. If India, stops sending it’s students to Australia to study, please note that China and Nepal would also follow suit. Then Australia will have no education industry to milk and the ultimate loss will be theirs.

Ravi Matah.

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  1. meghana Says:

    u are right sir !India should stop sending students to Australia, their major chunk of their revenue comes from education industry.

    I am not sure u read or not their were attacks in Brisbane also on a taxi driver.

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