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It has been reported by the Victorian Police website that a 3 year old child went missing from his home and his body was found near the airport in Melbourne.

Australian police are on the hunt for a child killer after the body of a missing toddler was found 20 km away from where he had disappeared six hours earlier on Thursday.

The Indian boy, Gurshan Singh Kaurchanna, 3, who was on a three-month holiday in Australia with his parents, vanished from a relative’s house in Lalor at about 1.10 pm on Thursday, while his mother was having a shower.

The family, which was due to leave Australia soon, told the police that Gurshan was at home playing. His mother, Harpreet Kaur, who is studying in Australia, was in the bathroom and when she came out, the security door was ajar and Gurshan gone. After a frantic search on the premises, a family member called the police.

A massive hunt was launched and a council worker discovered the body at Oaklands Junction, close to the Melbourne airport after 7 pm.

An Australian newspaper website quoted the police as saying that the body found was in grey top and blue jeans. This is what Gurshan had been wearing when he went missing.

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Sir Ken Jones was quoted by Australian media as saying that they believed the child had been murdered. ‘We are treating as worst case … as a homicide,’ he said. ‘This is a terrible tragedy’.

‘We are doing everything in our power to establish what happened. Clearly the circumstances are suspicious, so we are assuming the worst.’

Jones assured that all resources would be put in to bring the culprits to justice.

What is going on Kevin Rudd? The hands of heartless people do not tremble even when they take the life of a 3 year old harmless and defenseless kid?

Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, who is here on a three-day India visit, reiterated on Thursday that there is no tolerance for racist attacks in his country. He added that “we condemn any attack on an individual student. We, particularly, find any attack contemptible with racial or racist overturn association with it and we have no tolerance for such conducts. It doesn’t reflect modern Australia which is tolerant, multicultural society.”

So Smith, you do condemn such an attack which is racial in nature and what do you have say to the senseless killing of a 3 year old defenseless kid? Think of some diplomatic statement to cover this also. Do people also  have 3 year old kids in Australia?

Earlier, Smith also met Minister for Overseas Indians Vayalar Ravi. I am not aware if this senseless act has been brought to the notice of Ravi or External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna.

Smith’s visit to India has come in the wake of a series of attacks on Indian nationals. The visit is aimed to strengthen bilateral ties. But it is felt that because of so much hatred in the hearts of the Australians, these ties will never improve and this leaders’ drama should stop forthwith unless some drastic action is taken by the Australian Government, which now I am sure is too late.

Around 4,000 Indian students have cancelled their plans to study in Australia after the attacks. If in future any parent agrees to send his child to study in Australia, he  should think twice, perhaps thrice, whether to send him there or retain him in India. Students from all other Asian countries may also please take a serious note of the goings on in Australia.

Krishna will have to see that all business dealings with Australia are reviewed  forthwith. This nonsense has been going on for the last two years and has aggravated since May 2009.

Ravi Matah