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Life had become too monotonous. The daily routine, home to office and then back home, was totally bereft of any enjoyment worth the name.  Wake up, get ready and drive to office, through the chaotic traffic.

Though the drive became a bit enjoyable because of the greenery all round and the lovely view of the mountains beyond, but there was no enjoyment after hard days toil at office. 

Then one day I retired and had to sit at home. Now what?  Fetch the milk, wait for the newspaper, pay the telephone and electricity bills and pay the maid. That was all, what was left of ‘life’. Or sit down on the bench in the park, waiting for someone to come and talk to you?

Or simply wait for your kid who might call you before lunch time from US, and that too once a week? 

After retirement I became my wife’s errand boy – go fetch this, go fetch that – her driver to the kitty parties and the do-it-yourself man for the various chores at home. 

I tried to blog a little and watched TV to get some entertainment out of it. But  watching TV, was  difficult  as I could not enjoy the quarrel-filled stories which the so called soap-opera showed. Rather, some of the advertisements of soaps and detergents were better than the soaps. 

The Serials have become a pain in the neck. Just see the number of problems they depict in the Serials. One wonders where this world has come to? Why can’t they show some love, affection, sacrifice, the will to do something for someone, help someone? 

The six-yards clad damsels were only showing off their hour-glass figures on the small screen and creating more nonsense than any sense. They are simply there to scheme and conspire against their own family members. 

Every new serial starts off very well but after 3 to 4 episodes they start putting in so many problems that it becomes disgusting to watch. The story/script writer and the director are capable of creating one new problem every day, and before it is solved, another one would crop up. For instance, look at 12/24 Karol Bagh serial. It started off so well that we were enjoying it and now, the family in the story is given a new problem every day. 

What are they trying to teach the new generation?  Misbehaviour at it’s glorious best? Not even that, we now think that if someone gets a DIL like Anita (in 12/24) what will they do? The peace in their house will go for a toss.

The  TV channels churn out one pathetic story after another full of quarrels with no respite to the viewer. There is a total vaccum,  so far as good educative programmes or comedy programmes are concerned. When will they make the viewer laugh?

It is a fact that it is the parent’s responsibility to educate their children, but what to do if this nonsense penetrates your house with closed doors. Most of Indian households have only one TV and the family watches it together. 

When will these nuts improve the quality of the serials? When will they stop showing extra-marital affairs in the serials? Why can’t they make some comedy serials like Here’s Lucy, Friends, Different Strokes, all in the family etc., which contain some message for the kids also? 

The only channel doing well so far as comedy is concerned is SAB TV. It definitely provides some entertainment here and there and the viewers can laugh a bit.

After a hard day’s work people need some entertainment or the cat-fight in the bedroom? And one serial ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki’ was so irritating, it created quarrels and fights, even in the most decent of the Indian households.

Ever thought why did Barjatiya’s magnum opus  ‘Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun’ minted money world wide during its initial release?  There were no fights, no quarrels, total love and some genuine comedy. That is what the public demands today. 

All that is left for us to watch is 2 or 3 sports and  news channels, who give the same breaking news 254 times a day. It is high time we switched over to entertaining people with decent comedy and made people laugh after a day’s work and contribute to some peace in every household.

Ravi Matah

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  1. Purti Says:

    every word is so true!! agreed except the post-retirement plannin coz u still live so actively n busy that doesnt seem u r retired..
    anyway after so much of jing bang thru d day u must have a nice time back home…how i met your mother- SATC r good n healthy..sorry to say but news channels n even newspapers have bcum so painful n depressing!! ud rather sit with an IQ book than a newspaper! i wish v had sum nice hindi seasons of friends than the witchy soaps!

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