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‘Tendulkar opus’, the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar, is in the pipe-line and due for publication next year. This will not only be one of the most expensive autobiographies in history but also, will include the blood and DNA sample of the master blaster. This is amazing, unheard of and gives his fans mixed feelings.

It will contain a page signed in his blood! This has led to criticism from some quarters.Tendulkar Opus

Is this an advertisement gimmick? No. Sachin does not need anything or anyone to advertise for him. Then why did he agree to such an obnoxious request of the publisher?

It is well known that the “Tendulkar Opus” has been in progress; but a few copies would be signed in his blood and would be highly priced was a closely guarded secret.

Sachin stands tall, is a proven brand in himself; in fact he can recommend and sell anything by his own charisma. His statistical cricketing records are etched forever and they speak volumes of his contribution to the world of cricket.

He is down-right humble, non-controversial sports-person with amiable disposition; a person who is respected and revered as a deity in India and abroad. He needs no support or sympathy from any quarter, or any gimmick of such nature. Why did he have to enter into this controversy when he is at the pinnacle of his popularity?

If cricket is a religion in India, Sachin is God. Then why should he waste his precious drops of blood to promote his autobiography? How do the prospective buyers of the copies signed in his blood stand to gain?

Had he given out a loud shout, the public would have just donated money at his feet for the construction of the School, rather than  ‘donating’ his own blood to sell his autography at a pricey sum.

I am sure even without the signatures in blood; his autobiography will make room in every cricket loving house-hold, not only in this country, but in the world over.

Only 10 copies signed in his blood will be made available and they have been priced at $ 75,000 each. The proceeds of the sale of these copies will go to Sachin Tendulkar who in turn wants to open a School in Mumbai with the proceeds of this book.

Around 1,000 regular copies, each numbered and personally signed, will go on sale at $US2,000 to $US3000.
I personally feel Sachin should not have agreed to sign the book in his blood. He could have disagreed on this point with the London based publisher of ‘Tendulkar Opus’. 

“The signature page will be mixed with Sachin’s blood, mixed into the paper pulp so it’s a red resin,” Kraken chief executive Karl Fowler said, according to The Guardian newspaper.

Previous Opus epics have included only the likes of Michael Jackson, Manchester United, Ferrari, Burj Khalifa and Diego Maradona.

Ravi Matah.

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  1. A Bisht Says:

    Actually, this is a too generalized a view that people will jump for the book. And when a select copies of the biography are planned to be sold, before the sale to the ordinary people; some gimmick becomes a necessity.

    But more than linking the blood gimmick to making the 10 select copies sell around 40 lakh Indian rupees; as they would have sold if some other ingenious way is adopted; one should link it to the eventual success of the book; when the book sale opens for the general public.

    Enjoyed your write-up.

  2. nit Says:

    i thiink this is really embarassing thing which publisher done with tendulkar’s opus…such things should not be done …………..

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