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News travels fastest on twitter and in the first-of-it’s-kind  news  we have a four day old @babyinayat whose mother Gursimran Kaur from Jallandhar (India) tweeted that she has delivered a baby girl, thus breaking the news of the first ‘live’ baby being tweeted in the world. Twitter is now the fastest media for news in the world. Four days old Inayaat is the new sensation on twitter. She had to be famous on twitter as both her parents are active on twitter and went on tweeting before, until and after her birth.

Gursimaran and her husband Sumit Aneja aka @SumtheBum , both of whom are active on the twitter networking site, had  been tweeting about the expected baby’s arrival earllier also and four days ago she was a bit upset as the doctors had given her 20th Sept as the due date and that she wanted to have the baby earlier.

Gursimran and her husband Sumit @SumtheBum both were constantly tweeting as she went into labour and immediately after the baby was born, they posted her pictures.

“Not just when the baby was born but I have been tweeting about my pregnancy through out. It is amazing how even random people would give me advice; some gave me their gynae’s number, some said they were praying for me,” said Gursimran.

Gursimaran Kaur has been active on twitter for the last two years and says that tweeting about her pregnancy days experiences helped her in getting useful information from fellow tweeples as one of her followers is a gynecologist. She is still recuperating from the operation conducted during child birth in a private hospital. She added that her friends were praying for her and shared their personal experiences with her which gve her moral support at that time. Gursimaran is a freelance web and graphic designer.

The moment the child was brought out of the operation theatre, her husband posted her picture on the net.

“I wanted to share the news with everyone and what better way to do that than on Twitter. Even Inayat’s name was suggested by someone unknown on Twitter,” she said. Now if her name was suggested on Twitter, Inayat has to have her own Twitter account. So what if she’s just 2 days old?

The four-days old Inayat is the youngest on twitter and if you want to know more about her, follow her on @babyInayat. You may also meet her mother Gursimran aka @limeice on twitter, she tweeted live as she delivered Inayat.

Immediately after the arrival of the baby, her friends on twitter started congratulating her and her husband on twitter from all over the world.

A couple had tweeted just before they said ‘I do, I do, and the tweeples also tell us whether there is smoke emanating from a  building in a City.

Even the scores of cricket matches are brought to you live and any incident the world over is reported first on twitter. A White House correspondent recently live tweeted about his heart attack. Paul Smith from Britain took a world tour relying solely on the hospitality and advice of the Twitter community and now a baby being delivered live over Twitter.

Twitter never seizes to amaze us. Welcome to the twitter world @babyInayat.

Ravi Matah.

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