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US President Barrack Obama has left an indelible mark on this nation and memories of his three day whistle-stop tour will remain etched in their hearts forever. Be it the politicians, the ordinary men women and children, all are talking about the Obamas. And they created this huge impact within 3 days of their tour to Mumbai and Delhi. Barrack Obama’s body language is such that he attracts one and all towards him coupled with his cool and calm attitude.

Michelle dances with children

Michelle dances with children

The school children were thrilled when US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrived to celebrate the Dewali festival with them at Holy Name School, Colaba, Mumbai. The Obamas, who lit a lamp to mark the occasion, were greeted by the students here in their traditional Indian attire.

The school kids later performed the ‘Koli’ dance in honour of the Obamas’.  Both President Obama and Michelle Obama joined the kids for a foot-tapping Marathi folk number.

The school kids appeared all excited and geared up to celebrate the moment as the Obamas posed for a number of photographs with the children and gave autographs.

It’s not often someone can say they have had an opportunity to dance with the leader of the free world. And that’s exactly what happened for pupils at Holy Name High School, after U.S. President Barack Obama along with wife Michelle joined in with their Diwali celebrations.

Following in the footsteps of the First Lady, Obama joined her with some enthusiastic students and these dances were telecast live on television and the viewers went ecstatic.

The president and first lady greeted dancers before lighting candles on the second day of their visit to India.

Obamas with dancing children

Obamas with dancing children

But he didn’t appear to take to the moves on the floor as readily as his wife and White House aides doubled over in laughter at their boss’s efforts.

President Obama with wife Michelle later addressed the students of St Xavier’s College at Town Hall here, where he had a date with India’s Generation Next.

Obama wearing a white shirt and dark trousers, lightly kissed Michelle before taking on the students. He assured an informal atmosphere and spoke after Michelle had asked the young boys and girls to ask tough questions from him.

He began with ‘I don’t like speaking after Michelle but if you want to ask some easy questions that’s alright. He involved the students with phrases like ‘good question’,’terrific question’ and ‘I was expecting this question’.  Students asked him questions on subjects like Pakistan and terror also. The students were glad that they got the answers to their questions.

After the event was over, one student said, “He is the most powerful man in the world. Still he is able to connect with us, the youth”.

The smiling Obama has taken the level of ‘charm’ to new heights. But how does Obama manage to create such an impact on people? Is it his body language, his approach to the issues or is it his charisma, character and commitment to the cause of betterment of the society at large? I think all these factors jointly contribute in creating the ‘appeal’. Also, his upbringing in the path of his becoming of a world leader, has also contributed tremendously to his popularity.

 India has fallen in love with Barack Obama and India admires him. He has been surrounded and treated like royalty everywhere he has gone – from visits to India’s greatest monuments to a meeting with business leaders to his speech to the joint session of parliament.

Ravi Matah.

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