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A 23 year old medical student who was returning home after watching a movie inSouth Delhiwas gang-raped inside a moving bus. She was accompanied by her male friend. He was bashed up by iron rods by passengers of the bus and she was gang-raped. She was later hospitalised inDelhi.

As her condition worsened in the Hospital here, she was shifted toMount Elizabeth Hospital,Singaporefor treatment, but she passed away this morning. 

Nation-wide protestors held candle-light vigil on the brutal rape and murder of a 23 year old medico girl.

The day after the rape, protestors gathered at Vijay Chowk, and then spread all over North and South Block. Their main demand was that ‘Death Penalty’ should also be included amongst other penalties specified in the CrPC for such cases. They were greeted with lathi charge, tear gas shells and water cannons.

I feel that death penalty is no penalty for those who have committed such a horrific crime. If they are sentenced to death, they will be free in a minute, which is not what the public wants. The public desires that they should suffer more than the kid suffered. Because this is not RAPE, this is far worse than RAPE. This is a case of utmost cruelty perpetrated on a victim.

The laws in such cases should now be so modified that they should serve as a deterrent for others and ensure safety of women everywhere.

After news of her death spread, people held protests peacefully throughout the country.

The protestors were totally peaceful atDelhialso, but some people vested with political interests tried to hijack the agitation. What did they think, the public doesn’t understand their cunningness/oppoutunism?

The social media like Facebook and Twitter are abug with people who tweeted their anger throughout the day and demanding burning the culprits alive, hanging them and sternest action possible be taken against them.

Thousands of tweets are being posted every day on the issue and this has become a Trending Topic on Twitter bearing #DelhiGangRape. This is what some of them have said :-

@Ravi_Matah – Castrate them, hang them on a tree, burn them ALIVE and telecast LIVE.


Rape is a death that victim has to live all her life.


Rape is the flashpoint, yes. But this agitation goes beyond that. People are angry with corruption, a deaf and dumb Govt, too many lies.

After the news of her demise spread today, the candle-light vigil at Jantar Mantar was an unprecedented show of solidarity for the victim’s family and most of the people were carrying placards some of which read :-

‘Delhi is a Rape Capital’.

‘My sister could be next’.

‘You are an inspiration for all of us’.

People were chanting Gayatri Mantra and other Vedic Mantras for the peace of the departed soul.

Just spare a thought for the victim and her family members – what they had to go though in the last fortnight just because of those few drunken men on the bus? A very sad state of affairs and it is very depressing even to think about it.

Todays’ protests at Jantar Mantar  the people gathered willingly and it appeared to be a youth awakening to a National cause or should I call it shame?

What do the perpetrators of this crime now deserve?

Your comments would be most welcome.


Ravi Matah.





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  1. Neerja15 Says:

    I am myself hit hard by this gruesome sub human act. Yes, punishment is not by hanging them-that will kill them quickly without going thru suffering. They ought to be castrated & flogged in a public square-so that it acts as a deterrent to this hideous crime, people must shudder to think of the consequences, whenever…

  2. Manu Says:

    We, as a society as made women repository, we treat them as commodity(sad that its so true) when a rape happens, we blame her, we dont care about her feelings all we care ,”ab iska kya hoga, kaun shaadi karega,zinda lassh” what message we sending? does her dignity is still not intact? Cant she live a dignified life after this. We make her feel so guilty that we forget that she is not to be blamed. She didnt invite it. She was victim,simple. Why cant we let her live life , physical pain can be forgotten but we never let her forget, we dont want her to forget. We want her to live with it thus letting her feel the pain all her life. WHY? is virginity so important than her life, her dignity??

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