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August 4th, 2015 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life   Comments Off on BETIYAAN MAHAAN HOTI HAIN

Aaj yek kitni badi vidambana he ki ‘betiyon’ ko apna lekh ka vishey bana kar kehna pad raha he
bina jinke hum samaaj ki kalpana hi nahin kar sakte uski hum hatya kar rahe hain.

Durbhagya hai is desh ka ki jagah jagah ‘Beti Bachaao Bet Padhaao’ ki is vishay par charchay ho rahe hain.

Mitro, unke dil se poocho jin ke ghar aulaad nahin he?

Bhikari bun kar woh Mandir Masjid Gurudwaaron per ja kar aulaad ki bheek maangte hain.

Jin ke ghar do do bete hain, Ik din  bhikhaari to woh phir bhi ban jaate. Is vishay ka main aage khulasa karta hoon.



May 29th, 2014 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life   Comments Off on JAI SHRI KRISHNA – MERE GHAR AANA

Ek baar mere ghar aa ke to dekh,
Ek baar mujhe apna bana ke to dekh,

Tere liye Sudaama ban jaaoonga,
Safed makkhan nahin to Amul Tujhe khilaaoonga.

Rath nahin to kya, Santro mein ghumaaoonga,
Teri khaatir Arjun main ban jaaonga,
Ration bazaar nahin, Mall mein ghumaaoonga,
Ek baar tu mere ghar aa ke to dekh,
Ek baar mujhe apna bana ke to dekh.



October 6th, 2013 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life   Comments Off on THE PRECIOUS WIFE

Life sometimes gives you a test even before you have had the time to study the lesson. That is what happened to me. –

It was the 15th of Nov 1973 that I had got married and my wife stepped into my life.

She was a calm and composed person and full of laughter. She smiled even during adverse conditions and was able to make this world a better place for me. It was mainly due to her positive attitude that we actually lived life with lots of Love, Care and Share.

Affectionately, I used to call her Rani and believe me that she was indeed taken care of like a Queen.

And like any other married couple, we too used to quarrel a lot.

She was a simple down-to-earth girl whose ‘wants’ were very few. She never demanded anything from me and never complained about anything. She was God-fearing, educated, a double-Post-Graduate and she had had the knack of taking every situation in her stride. (more…)


June 28th, 2012 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life   Comments Off on THE POWER OF COINS

The world-wide recession has diminished the purchasing power of money, making some of the essential commodities beyond the reach of the common man and now Rupee has gone beyond the Rs.57/- mark in exchange to One US Dollar.

The memories of the good old days when Rupee had it’s purchasing power, are still fresh in my mind and I thought to pen down these few lines for my readers to read and believe that even the coins had enough value in the Golden days.

Five decades ago, I was dropped daily at the school gate by our driver in our car which was of ‘Opel’ make. It’s shiny chrome-plated wheels had iron spokes, it’s stepney rested on the right hand side mud-gaurd, and it had a horn, which is similar to a breast pump which I blew once everytime after alighting and it used to make a distinct sound – ‘chi-ghawn-uk’. (more…)


November 27th, 2010 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life, News   Comments Off on BEAWARE OF FESTIVAL GIFTS

People surf through the net during Dewali, Thanksgiving and Christmas festive season shopping  with a view to send gifts to their loved ones. And shockingly, a few criminals have sent down spammed messages on the net offering some attractive incentives on various pretexts.

This time round the spammers have taken the route via @twitter,  the world’s most popular social-media website awarding gift vouchers for attractive schemes. They are sending down tweets containing holiday theme attacks with shortened URLs repeatedly to lure innocent tweeples.

These URLs accompanying the tweets, when opened, will lead you to web-sites, which, supposedly will send you gift vouchers which one can pass on as gifts or use it themselves. (more…)


September 19th, 2010 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life, News   Comments Off on FOUR DAYS OLD ON TWITTER

News travels fastest on twitter and in the first-of-it’s-kind  news  we have a four day old @babyinayat whose mother Gursimran Kaur from Jallandhar (India) tweeted that she has delivered a baby girl, thus breaking the news of the first ‘live’ baby being tweeted in the world. Twitter is now the fastest media for news in the world. Four days old Inayaat is the new sensation on twitter. She had to be famous on twitter as both her parents are active on twitter and went on tweeting before, until and after her birth.

Gursimaran and her husband Sumit Aneja aka @SumtheBum , both of whom are active on the twitter networking site, had  been tweeting about the expected baby’s arrival earllier also and four days ago she was a bit upset as the doctors had given her 20th Sept as the due date and that she wanted to have the baby earlier. (more…)

Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid & Holy Quran

September 10th, 2010 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life, News   Comments Off on Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid & Holy Quran

Too much is happening on this auspicious day. The month long festival of Ramzan ends and Eid-ul-Fitr is being celebrated by Muslim brethren all over the globe. In the Maharashtra State in India, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great pomp and vigour. Fortunately, wiser sense has also prevailed on Pastor Terry Jones of the church of Florida who has agreed not to burn copies of Quran as earlier decided by him.

Eid is celebrated with pomp and gaiety and breakfast is had with dates, which are considered a ritual, and sweets. Elders and children, wear new clothes and the smiles are visible everywhere. They greet one and all, irrespective of caste, colour and creed chanting ‘Eid mubarak’.

During the festival Muslims exchange gifts, and greet everyone as a mark of solidarity and brotherhood. It is believed that the Prophet of Islam saw the moon on this day and said, “O God make this moon a symbol of peace for us’, thereby the Prophet expressed the true spirit of Eid to promote spiritual harmony and a peaceful environment in the world. (more…)


August 13th, 2010 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life, News   Comments Off on US STEWARD’s EMERGENCY EXIT

 Steven Slater, the Jet Blue flight attendant who quit his job via emergency slide at Kennedy Airport, has given a brute, but essential message to the world that the flight attendants are also human and deserve their ‘due’ place in the Society.

Stevan Slater, the flight attendant who has become media sensation, was released on $2,500 bail on Monday night. He told reporters he was surprised by all the attention his story had generated.

Steven Slater

Steven Slater

Agreed, after take-off, your first requirement is to get a drink and nibble. It’s the duty of the steward or the stewardess to serve you because you have paid for it in the ticket, but you have no right whatsoever, to be rude to them.

There he comes, pulling the trolley, with bottles, snacks, disposable glasses and paper napkins, smiling and asking every passenger ‘what would you like to drink Sir/Madam’? He puts a napkin on the make-shift dining table and then puts the disposable glasses and plastic cutlery on it along with the drink of your choice. (more…)


August 1st, 2010 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life, News   Comments Off on CHELSEA CLINTON WEDS MARC

Rhinebeck, New York.   William Jefferson Clinton, Ex President U.S.A., walked his daughter Chelsea down the aisle and  looked  full of confidence even though he might be holding back a tear or two. Chelsea Clinton married her long time friend and beau Marc Mezvinsky amidst a veil of secrecy in the small village of Rhineback. 

Shortly before 11 pm, the Clintons got down from a van outside the Beekman Arms Hotel. The former first lady, in a long, green dress, waved to the cheering crowd waiting behind metal barricades outside and quickly went into the hotel. 

Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky

Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky

Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton later announced in a statement that their daughter wed investment banker Marc Mezvinsky at a Beaux Arts riverside estate called Astor Courts.  (more…)


June 14th, 2010 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life   Comments Off on HINDI SERIALS ON TV

Life had become too monotonous. The daily routine, home to office and then back home, was totally bereft of any enjoyment worth the name.  Wake up, get ready and drive to office, through the chaotic traffic.

Though the drive became a bit enjoyable because of the greenery all round and the lovely view of the mountains beyond, but there was no enjoyment after hard days toil at office. 

Then one day I retired and had to sit at home. Now what?  Fetch the milk, wait for the newspaper, pay the telephone and electricity bills and pay the maid. That was all, what was left of ‘life’. Or sit down on the bench in the park, waiting for someone to come and talk to you? (more…)