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March 16th, 2010 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Sports   Comments Off on DELHI DAREDEVILS BT RAJASTHAN ROYALS
Virendra Sehwag

Virendra Sehwag

Delhi Daredevils beat Rajasthan Royals by six wickets at Ahmedabad on Monday. Virendra Sehwag, who also fetched the Man of the match award, ensured victory for Delhi by his blistering knock of 75 runs off 34 balls. His effort was coupled with a disciplined all-round bowling attack from Delhi Daredevils which added the required impetus to their victory.

Delhi Daredevils restricted the Rajasthan Royals to 141 for 6, which was not a fighting total considering the fact the Sehwag  gave Delhi the launch  they needed. Rajasthan’s attacking start was dented by a good spell by Dirk Nannes and of Amit Mishra, which did not give them any way out to score against the formidable and disciplined Delhi attack. Abhishek Jhunjhunwala brought up his maiden IPL fifty on the last ball of the 20th over which he hit for a four.  (more…)


November 16th, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Sports   Comments Off on INDIA – SRI LANKA FIRST TEST

India won the toss and captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni opted to bat at the commencement of the first test match being played at Ahmedabad. But only after a half an hour into the proceedings, Indian players tails were no where to be seen – forget wagging. They were 32 for 4. Three wickets fell to the speedster Chanka Walegeda and all the three batsmen misjudged the in-swing deliveries and were clean bowled. The sound of the timber rattling time and again was nerve wrecking. At that moment it appeared that India had already lost the test match in the first hour itself. (more…)


September 24th, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life   Comments Off on SHRI ASARAM BAPUJI
Shri Asaram Bapuji

Shri Asaram Bapuji

A true incident.

Bapuji had arrived in town and was at the Ashram. We reached the Ashram at 10.30 am and parked my car opposite the main gate under the trees and adjacent to the dried out bushes. This was the first time I had ever gone to this Ashram. It was a tin-top hanger type shed with a small house visible behind it and some portion was still under construction. All over the floor there were blue plastic sheets spread out for people to sit on. When we reached inside the ‘pandal’ there were around 100 people present. I got the ‘Darshan’ of Bapuji at 12.30pm, the sermon went on for about 2 hours followed by ‘prasad’ before dispersing.

When we came out of the Ashram on to the main road, there were about a dozen cars parked here and there, but my car……. (more…)