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July 3rd, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life   Comments Off on PRETTY WOMAN – THE LESSON LEARNT

This 1990 movie is special and still makes a deep impact on the viewer. It is the unique idea of the story which made it click. Wow, what a way to make millions of dollars while cashing in on a young man’s dream? Every young man’s dream is to find a beautiful girl, shower gifts on her, make her happy, dine out, buy her a full wardrobe, buy her jewelry and fulfill her desires and enjoy the marital bliss.

A corporate businessman Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) has just split up with his girlfriend. Seeking directions to the Beverly Hills Hotel, he meets a hooker, Vivian (Julia Roberts) and decides to keep her as his ‘date’ for one week. He showers affection on her by buying her an expensive wardrobe. It was a fairy tale beginning to a fruitful end in romance. (more…)