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August 9th, 2010 by Ravi Matah | Posted in News   Comments Off on COMMONWEALTH GAMES 2010


It’s a matter of national honor and pride that we are hosting the Commonwealth Games. Going by the media reports the Organising Committee of the Commonwealth Games 2010 has left a blot on the India’s image and a lot will have to be done to save the face of the nation. The allegations of misuse of funds granted for the conduct of these Games speak volumes of the inept handling of the whole affair.

This has even angered Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of England who is furious over allegations of corruption involving a UK based firm in the baton relay of the Commonwealth games launched in London last year.

An equipment which you can buy out rightly for under Rs. Four lakhs is being hired for Rs.Ten lakhs for a mere 45 days? Yes, I am talking about the treadmill suppliers who are being paid only Rs. One lakh for 45 days rent of the equipment and being billed by over a 1000%. A taxi which was available for £ 250 a day in London was being hired for £ 450 a day? (more…)