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September 20th, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life   Comments Off on TO RENT OR TO BUY?

In this time of recession, the real estate market bubble has burst. Gone are the days when people used to invest some amount in plots, houses or flats and reaped a fairly good harvest in a short span of six months or a year.

In India, today there are no buyers available. At the same time the sellers are not reducing the price of the property they are holding, hoping against hope that the prices would one day rise. But the prices have not risen in the past two years.

The concept  of ‘own-sweet-home’ is now no longer in operation. When there are no buyers in the market – then what are all the people doing?  I asked a friend who promptly replied “Compared to buying – renting is cheap”. Mathematically, a smart move, I think. (more…)