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IPL – Indian ‘Phoren’ League

April 25th, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Sports   Comments Off on IPL – Indian ‘Phoren’ League

The advent of television in India approximately 28 years ago has brought out a tremendous change in our lives. Our focus changed on various issues and now our concepts are clearer. I am not mentioning here the lies that also float in the ad industry – the girl will become fairer (gori) in two weeks by using a particular brand of cream or a baldie (tackloo; like me 🙂 ) will grow hair – on the head of course – by applying a specified oil. But concepts in general have become clearer.

More than two decades ago I watched World cup soccer tournament. It was a treat to watch how the top teams in the world vie for a place in the finals and eventually one day hold the trophy. After watching the world cup and Euro cup matches – the Indian soccer league looked like watching a world cup match in slow motion.

I used to think that nobody will watch the local team matches except that sometimes I used to watch the Ranji Trophy final.  Who would have thought that one day Bollywood-glamour-cricket would amalgamate into one beautiful scenario and create a multi million dollar extravaganza that will be watched by a billion people all over the globe?  Even the England’s County cricket matches were not so popular. (more…)