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May 8th, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Political   Comments Off on WANTED – A PRIME MINISTER

There are mainly two national parties, too many regional parties, then the third and fourth front IĀ  don’t know of and then recently in the news was the party of the comedians led by Jaspal Bhatti šŸ™‚ . This advertisement is being placed considering the fact that today there are too many aspirants to the post of Prime Minister.


Applications are invited for the post of a Prime Minister in India, which is one of the largest democracies in the world.

Essential Qualifications: – Candidates should have working knowledge of Hindi and one language of the State in which they reside.Ā  He or she should haveĀ  absolutely no knowledge of English language Their children may be studying in English school which is understandableĀ  and thisĀ  should not be an embargo to his or her selection to the post. (more…)


April 21st, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Political   Comments Off on A BILLION VOTES

I have been viewing the various programs related to the subject of the Indian Elections. Various learned persons have expressed their views on CNN-IBN and Times News TV channels which are thought provoking. And then there are various advertisements asking all eligible voters to cast their vote in exercising their rights to select a viable and stable government. I agree – yes we all must cast our votes but whom to vote for – is a million dollar question. Agreed – that we should not vote for contestants with a criminal background. But still there are so many other factors that are agitating one’s mind.

Gone are the days when the prospective netaji’s used to visit the city, town, street and NukkadĀ  (Corner) talk to the people and promise roti kapda and makaan (food, clothing and dwelling) – win the elections go to their five star comfort and come back again to the heat and dust after five years to repeat the same set of promises which they had never kept. But now the political scenario has changed considerably and is a different ball game altogether. People are now aware of what they say and what they mean. Mudslinging has become the order of the day – there are accusations and counter accusations. Thanks to the TV Channels we have watched the US elections and the difficulties faced by the two parties and the efforts made by them in wooing the voters. There was no mudslinging. The manifestos, the programs, the policies discussed on the podium were for the benefit for the public at large with a view to achieve economic stability, medical care and food for all. In a successful democracy only a two party rule is plausible – and those mooting for a third front or a fourth front in India are doing it to achieve theirĀ  own selfish ends in utter disregard of the good of the country.. This is a situation created only to gain a vantage bargaining position in the post poll scenario. (more…)