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May 27th, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Sports   Comments Off on LIFE – AFTER IPLT20

The IPLT20 is finally over and millions of cricket lovers have not much left to do. Even I am thinking what to do in the evening as there is no match today. Go out or simply sit back and watch a new TV serial. Having spent almost 39 evenings at home watching the matches, there is suddenly a vacuum in our lives after the final match. But what will South Africans do who were directly involved in doing their jobs for the tournament and/or watching the games.

The hotels would be half empty. The employees would be enjoying  themselves after the hard work. Airport staff would be happy. This had been a high flying tournament and after 40 days of hullabaloo and hectic arrangements they would be relaxing in bright sunshine. The Security Staff deputed for this tournament would have gone to quench their thirst after the final. They had earned a well deserved slug after doing a splendid job. They stayed sober during this hi-fi extravaganza to ward of any untoward incident. It is only by the exceptional prowess of the Security Staff that everything went off smoothly. (more…)