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April 29th, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Political   Comments Off on THE NEWSPAPER – THEN AND NOW

The first thing you would want to see in the morning, besides your cup of tea, is the newspaper. The eyes are glued to the gate waiting for the newspaper-wallah to throw the paper and off you go to pick it up. This is a matter of habit which develops by itself over the passage of time provided you have an inkling towards world news, national news sports etc.

I still remember almost four decades ago, I was studying in Std 8th and had to leave home by 7.30 am and at that time my father used to sit in the verandah and read the newspaper. I used to wonder how he manages to hold such a large sized piece of paper comprising sixteen pages. He didn’t even get tired even after holding it for more than an hour. I think I was doing post grad and then I could spare time to read the newspaper. And since then it has become a habit and I am every morning craving for its arrival. I remember a quotation from a learned person who had said that “A man is he who reads the newspaper daily, shaves daily and polishes his shoes daily“. How correctly put. (more…)