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TIGER TO PAY $ 750 m

July 3rd, 2010 by Ravi Matah | Posted in News   Comments Off on TIGER TO PAY $ 750 m

Elin Nordegren, the former wife of golf pro Tiger Woods has won the largest celebrity divorce settlement, ever. The 30-year-old will get $750 million, in addition to the stipulation that Woods never bring a girlfriend near their two children again – unless the two legally marry.

The figure is mind-boggling. But Woods, the number one golfer in the world, has agreed to pay this sum to Elin Nordegren, the sum of $750 million for her silence and also that this settlement bars him from bringing any female nearer to his kids daughter Sam and son Charlie, unless she is his married wife.

Tiger Woods with Elin

Woods had extramarital affairs with Rachel Uchitel, reality star Jaimee Grubbs, porn queen Joslyn James and up to 17 others. His list of conquests includes everyone from pancake waitresses to nightclub hostesses.

Part of the agreement is that Nordegren must remain silent about Woods’ past flings with various ladies.

Nordegren ended up with double the sum she originally sought, after her lawyers proved Woods was worth much more than the $1 billion than what was previously estimated. (more…)


December 17th, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Sports   Comments Off on TIGER WOODS – ‘ATHELETE OF THE DECADE’

Tiger Woods was famous for his golf and became infamous for his personal life.

For 10 incomparable years, no one ruled a sport like Woods. He won 64 tournaments, including 12 major championships. Even as a shocking sex scandal changed the way people look at Woods, the records he set could not be ignored.

Woods was selected on Wednesday, as the ‘Athlete of the Decade’ by The Associated Press in a vote that was about his performance on the course.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Woods, who has not been seen since the car accident, and has issued only statements on his Web site, was not made available to give any comment to the media about the award. Allegations of rampant affairs starting coming out just 10 days after Woods won the Australian Masters.

He had received a $3 million appearance fee in Australia. Woods won more than one-third of all the tournaments he played this decade, an unprecedented rate in golf. Nine of his victories were by at least eight shots. He was No. 1 in the world ranking for all but 32 weeks in the decade. Along with his 12 majors this decade — he has 14 overall, and Woods was runner-up in six other majors. (more…)