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August 4th, 2015 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life   Comments Off on BETIYAAN MAHAAN HOTI HAIN

Aaj yek kitni badi vidambana he ki ‘betiyon’ ko apna lekh ka vishey bana kar kehna pad raha he
bina jinke hum samaaj ki kalpana hi nahin kar sakte uski hum hatya kar rahe hain.

Durbhagya hai is desh ka ki jagah jagah ‘Beti Bachaao Bet Padhaao’ ki is vishay par charchay ho rahe hain.

Mitro, unke dil se poocho jin ke ghar aulaad nahin he?

Bhikari bun kar woh Mandir Masjid Gurudwaaron per ja kar aulaad ki bheek maangte hain.

Jin ke ghar do do bete hain, Ik din  bhikhaari to woh phir bhi ban jaate. Is vishay ka main aage khulasa karta hoon.



October 6th, 2013 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life   Comments Off on THE PRECIOUS WIFE

Life sometimes gives you a test even before you have had the time to study the lesson. That is what happened to me. –

It was the 15th of Nov 1973 that I had got married and my wife stepped into my life.

She was a calm and composed person and full of laughter. She smiled even during adverse conditions and was able to make this world a better place for me. It was mainly due to her positive attitude that we actually lived life with lots of Love, Care and Share.

Affectionately, I used to call her Rani and believe me that she was indeed taken care of like a Queen.

And like any other married couple, we too used to quarrel a lot.

She was a simple down-to-earth girl whose ‘wants’ were very few. She never demanded anything from me and never complained about anything. She was God-fearing, educated, a double-Post-Graduate and she had had the knack of taking every situation in her stride. (more…)


June 7th, 2009 by Ravi Matah | Posted in Life   Comments Off on THE DARLING DAUGHTER

Fortunate are those who are blessed with a daughter. It is the biggest gift from the Almighty to the parents. A daughter is an apostle of love, affection, laughter, cheerfulness and by her playful attitude keeps the whole household on their toes. Not only the parents, but the entire family is also attached to her being affectionate as she always is. Why would anyone in their right senses even think of killing their own daughter? Would you?

Thirty five years ago, we brought our daughter home from the nearby nursing home and we started collecting the paraphernalia essentially required for her day to day necessities. Little did we then realize that we had brought home a bundle of joy! Days passed and every day something new was happening. After about a year she became a mobile mischief and both of us kept running after her, caring for her, telling her stories, playing with her toys and making her laugh (or was it the other way round?) (more…)